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The world is undoubtedly growing more open, exposing new markets in regions that were once difficult to access. This translates into expanding opportunities for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry since consumers everywhere share a common desire for the latest in healthcare products.

New opportunities, however, bring new business challenges. Product launches and
expanding markets require a major investment to build new manufacturing facilities or
augment existing output. In the end, executives can only speculate on required plant
capacity and the levels of scalability to meet fluctuating product demand. As more
products enter the field, the added competition fuels sophisticated marketing efforts
that can easily escalate out of control. Yet all of this comes at a time when
biopharmaceutical development firms are under intense pressure to improve efficiency
and reduce the cost of bringing new products to market.

At Madinear, we provide one-stop business solutions to the biotech industry to address
these issues. Our integrated manufacturing, sales and marketing services can reduce
production costs, help moderate risk and leverage worldwide marketing strategies.
We specialize in dietary supplements, drug therapies and related biotech products.
Madinear is able to produce most of the nutritional enhancements currently on the
market in multiple delivery applications including syrups, ointments, tablets and
capsules. We customize every program to the client, creating an efficient ecosystem
that includes outsourced manufacturing and extends to product marketing and sales in
almost any region of the world.

With our affiliated global network program, Madinear can tailor a program to your exact needs with services that include:

Product Sourcing
Having produced biopharmaceuticals in a range of therapeutic categories, we have a network of suppliers with access to most of the nutritional substances used in products today. We also understand how to specify materials, negotiate purchases and maintain incoming quality assurance to ensure the lowest cost of goods for our clients.

Contract Manufacturing
Our affiliated manufacturing partner operates a FDA-approved cGMP
(current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility integrating leading-edge technology for cost-effective production. By outsourcing manufacturing to Madinear, clients avoid tying up significant capital in risky infrastructure investments.

Product Market Analysis
Our experts understand regional markets and can provide in-depth research on estimated demand, pricing strategies and comprehensive competitive analysis.

Sales and Marketing Strategy and Implementation
We can maximize your move into a new region or help grow your existing product share by developing an effective marketing strategy. Our programs are customized to the culture and regulatory environment of the region while leveraging your worldwide marketing efforts.

Account and Product Representation
We provide experienced product representation, sales territory management and direct retailing in most regions of the world, including all NAFTA countries, Asia and Europe.

Contact us to see how we can reduce your business costs while building an efficient ecosystem for your products. See how Madinear can contribute to the growth and wellness of your endeavors.

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